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Women Take on Nepal

20m Documentary, empowerment, equality, Adventure 2021

There are an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Nepali women and girls who are trafficked to Indian brothels each year. Most of these young women are taken from the small villages in Nepal. Women are expected to marry from the age of 13, work on their in-laws farms and produce children. This is a story about three brave and resilient young women from Batase village wanting to change the culture in their village for women by becoming independent through trekking and education. It’s a story of two worlds coming together and the journey of women choosing to empower others through their story whilst trekking to Everest Base Camp. Filmed and directed Solely by a women fighting her own equality demons whilst climbing to Everest base camp.


Tania Verbeeck


Tania Verbeeck


Tania Verbeeck