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Windwaker - 'Glow'

4m Drama, Music Video 2022

Shot on Alpha 7S III

The film begins with a man on a rooftop. He pears over the edge and into the horizon, he seems in conflict.

As the sun sets and nighttime washes over, we see a sequence of the same man, our hero, in grey clothes. There are glimpses of him controlling electricity and and he floats in large electrical void space. This is the place he was given his powers.

We are taken to a cell where the hero is being held. He is dressed in the same grey clothes and seems disorientated, like he’s been operated on. A masked man appears behind him and puts a bag over his head. We cut to an alleyway where the bag is taken off our hero. The masked man beats him, evidently trying to make the hero use his powers. With a small threat of power, the hero scares the masked man enough to allow the hero to flee. He runs, all the way to the rooftop we saw him at the start of the film.

On the rooftop he struggles to contain his powers, until they let loose. Energy bursts from his hands and mouth into the night sky. We see news reports, civilian footage, it’s chaos. The hero has drawn too much attention.

As the hero’s last beam of energy finishes he slumps to the ground trying to catch his breath. We see the masked man’s torch in the background. The hero has been found.


Indey Salvestro


Jackson Bentley