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Wasn't it Blue?

6m Drama, Art House, Student 2022

Shot on FS7

“Wasn’t it Blue?” centers around a young-heartbroken Chloe, as she gets ready to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan. While the meet up is so she can return his things, Chloe secretly yearns for something more. Through highly stylized flashbacks we discover that she is having trouble letting go of their past, only remembering their relationship through rose-tinted glasses. When they meet Chloe’s fantasies come true, Ryan is welcoming and even flirtatious. However, after Ryan returns Chloe’s things she is confronted by one particular photo. It’s the dress from her memories, but it isn’t blue - it’s bright red. This causes her to flashback once more, this time reliving these moments as they truly were, with her in the red dress. Finally Chloe is able to see Ryan’s manipulative nature for what it was. After this realisation, Chloe has a change of heart and rejects Ryan’s advances. Instead she returns home and puts away the photo for good.


Lilian Harris


Amelia Pieri


Lilian Harris


Jacqueline Sharah