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Titan (2021)

  • Action, Comedy
  • 9min

Titan, our mysterious caped figure, enters into frame as he marches towards a tool shop with a bright yellow cape, a yellow ski mask and big yellow T spray paint across his chest. As he gets to the door of the tool shop, that is currently being robbed, he stops and second guesses himself. His partner in crime (Ben) convinces Titan (Real name James) over the phone to face his fears by telling him he’ll get Jessica, his teenage crush, to go out with him to the high school dance.

Titan makes it very clear that there is noo chance she will go out to the dance with him. Jessica then hops on the phone and stuns him. Titan awkwardly composes himself and tries to form a sentence. Jessica convinces him that he can do this. She believes in him.

As the blindness of love takes over he rushes into the building only wielding a baseball bat. He see’s 3 men with shotguns holding a man hostage and getting money from the female cashier who his following their every demand. He tells them to put the guns down, they look and laugh. That’s it. He’s done with this crime fighting adventure, he’s not even sure what superhero abilities he even has. Ben tells him to get out of there, whilst the thugs are still laughing at him and calling him names like “Tool Man”. Titan high tails it out of there but as he’s about to leave a little girl grabs his cape. He’s shocked and looks at her eyes as she’s huddled behind a shelf with her mother. He realises the man that has been taken hostage is her father.

It’s his decision now whether he stays… or goes. He sums up the courage and confronts the thugs. In return the main thug lifts his weapon and fires a round into chest which send Titan to floor. The thugs laugh and chuckle to themselves… however… our hero rises up with shotgun holes in his outfit but no wounds to be seen. “That hurt” Titan says as he rushes forward and takes on all three thugs. Chaos ensues as each thug is dealt with from our Titanium hero. When the last thunk of an unconscious thug body lands on the floor, Titan proceeds to leave but is called out by the little girl. “What’s your name?!” she calls out from the other side of the tool shop, embraced by her reunited family. “Titan…man” says Titan with the confidence of a sheep. The little girl looks at him with a questionable face as if to say “really?”. Titan see’s this and corrects. “Titan!” The little girl nods in approvals and gives him a big thumbs up.

Titan exits the building full of relief and exhilaration as he has conquered his biggest fear of becoming a superhero… yet he still hasn’t conquered his fear of asking Jessica to the dance. He stops, and with a stuttering sentence says “So… Jessica would you want to… you know” Jessica cuts him off and says “Yeah sure”. Titan is surprised but overjoyed. Ben hops on the phone and tells him to hurry up and get to the car so they can go to the dance. Titan nods and takes of his Titan outfit revealing what he was going to wear to the dance. But there’s a problem. His shirt has 6 bullet holes. “ Aw man!” yells Titan into the sky.