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The Urn

10m Horror, Thriller 2022

Shot on Alpha 7S II

Emerson’s life changes forever when she purchases an urn from an op shop and unknowingly awakens the evil within it. Frustrated with her mundane life and unfulfilling relationship, the urn interprets Emerson’s thoughts and grants her simplest and darkest desires for a price, blood. Emerson makes extravagant wishes ranging from decadent sweets to diamonds. Upon returning home from work Emerson’s boyfriend Josh, sees her new treasures and a fight ensues. Frustrated and furious about the argument, a fleeting thought in anger is interpreted, and the urn literally rips Josh’s heart out. Terrified and intoxicated by its power, Emerson struggles with the idea of destroying the urn. Eventually, she summons the strength to throw it into the lake. Emerson returns home to Josh’s body still lying on the ground and finds the urn unharmed. She picks up the urn and storms outside; she smashes it to pieces. When she walks back inside, the urn has once again reappeared perfectly intact. Distraught, Emerson collapses on the ground. There she thinks of a plan; she puts her hand inside the urn a tries to wish her boyfriend back to life. The urn takes a copious amount of blood from her, more than she has to give. Only then does she see the true evil of the urn and the entity that inhabits it. Unable to pay the price for a wish so big, the urn kills Emerson. The urn makes its way back to the op shop and catches the eye of a shop assistant.


Ash Gray


Ash Gray


Matthew Ong