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Tatsuya & Moog

3m Music Video, Experimental 2023

Shot on Sony FX6

“Tatsuya & Moog” is an art piece that seamlessly weaves together the principles of Fluxus and creative composition. It invites viewers to embrace Fluxus-inspired spontaneity, engage in the creative process, and join the film on a transformative journey that celebrates the inherent beauty of movement, art, and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde Fluxus movement, this piece embraces the spirit of experimentation, spontaneity, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Through dynamic choreography, production design, and auditory illuminance, “Tatsuya & Moog” creates a fluid and ever-changing tapestry of movement that challenges audiences to reflect on their relationship with the world and their self’s.

Central to the piece is the bioplastic backdrop that took 7 months for research and development. When combined with the costume, it adds depth and texture to the tone and organic nature of the performance.


Celosia Fields


Celosia Fields


Will Jordan

Music Composer

Celosia Fields