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Juice and Lemonade (2021)

  • R&B Hip Hop, Music Video, Alternative Pop
  • 3min

This video follows the competitive nature between two young kids in a neighborhood. One has a juice stand, and the other, a lemonade stand. This narrative showcases the raw emotions, energy, and fun in kids and their inner competitive souls. With the competitive nature, there is also a fun, warm, loving side to kids that is equally present. In this story, we see the transition from jealousy to Love. The kids are cheeky and aiming to beat the other for more sales in the beginning, but when the young boy has nobody wanting his lemonade halfway through; the girl finds a solution. Instead of rubbing it in his face, she improvises, and mixes her fresh juice with his lemonade. Ultimately, at the end of the day, winning isnt fun when you win alone, and that’s the essence of this story. To share, to have fun, to find that love in your inner human and be more kind.


New Zealand