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Elsy Wameyo - River Nile

3m Music Video, Hip-Hop 2022

Shot on FX6

The music video follows Elsy Wameyo, as she embraces the spirit of the River Nile story. A never ending stream of power where she draws her strength while standing firm in the track’s fierce call to action.

Elsy, describing the song, says: “I had been so weak, fighting a battle that was never mine. This song came about after I learnt how to strategically use the power within,” she added. “I journeyed with this song to find a place of rest. I reached a level where I no longer had to work. Instead, I used the forces around me to gain altitude. The moment I found it, it was game over for everyone else.”

This is where Elsy drew much of the visual inspiration from; the more literal scenes showing Elsy performing, seemingly floating on a river, contrasted against her stood in centre of frame in front of an urban scene, while figures behind fight to get to her.

Due to budget and crew restraints, the entire video had to be shot only using natural light, with the occasional bounce or manipulation with small reflectors. This meant we were relying on Sony’s excellent reputation as a low light ‘beast’ for the darker locations. This, among many other things, was a huge contributor in shooting the entire video on the Sony FX6


Elsy Wameyo


Leighton Bond


Elsy Wameyo


Tape 24


Elsy Wameyo

Director of Photography

Leighton Bond