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6m Coming of Age, Drama, Studnet 2022

Shot on Alpha 7 III

A young adolescent returns home after the funeral of his friend and is instantly confronted by an unopen gift that his friend gave him. The sight of the box starts triggering negative memories and in an effort to stop it, he shunts the box out of his view.

Instead, he reminiscences with positive memories of his friend. As memories progress, his true friendship starts unraveling, and it becomes apparent that his friend might not have been the best influence upon him. Ready to confront his negative memory, the young adolescent opens his friend’s final present and is transported to their last argument, where the young adolescent accidentally kills his friend.

Finally confronting his grief, he pulls his friend’s necklace out of the box, and out of acceptance of the situation he wears it as a sign of coming to peace with what tragically happened.


David Roberts


Roisin Gleeson


Aidan Manning


Alex Short & David Roberts