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Cracking the Code

15m Documentary 2022

Shot on Alpha 7S III

The urgency of saving a species from extinction is like no other. Once that species has been wiped out, there is no turning back. It’s gone forever. Knowing that a species is threatened and the science indicating we have less than 5 years to save that species from extinction, do we not have an obligation to do everything in our power to save it? Fishing for Macquarie Perch is now known as a past time, as most people have not even heard of the species, fisherman talk about their fathers or grandfathers catching them in abundance, but this doesn’t happen anymore. They still exist in Victoria, but there is only 1 known location where they actively breed and have a healthy population, if this population is damaged fire or any other environment event, the species may be lost forever. Taylor Hunt carries a heavy weight on his shoulders, as he wrestles with the difficult task of figuring out how to help resource and support the team to enable breeding this species in captivity. He and Victorian Fisheries Authorities team of aquaculturists believe that success can be achieved, provided that several key factors are met – including the ever-present question of funding. But the work is important, but the results can be enormous for recreational fishers and the species.


Jarrod Boord


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