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Almost The Night

6m Thriller 2022

Shot on FX9

It is said that the Sirens are the handmaidens of Persephone, goddess of the underworld. It is also said they are fated to die if any mortal should hear their voice and live to tell the tale.

Luca, the youngest of three sirens is in danger as she has failed to capture a victim with her voice. Without a voice it seems Luca will perish by sunrise. The eldest siren Parthe has a vision and sees her sister has fallen. Parthe draws her sister Ligea from her distant cave. In their world, basic messages can be delivered via water but touch is needed to communicate in detail.

Ligea arrives in Parthe’s cliff-like realm. Via touch, the two sisters quickly realise Luca needs their help. Ligea is sent to capture a soul by sunrise to allow her younger sister to live. Ligea quickly follows a young surfer and he is ‘taken’ moments before the sun rises.